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What is a Financial Coach?                                                                                                                                                                                 We are not Financial Planners; we do not sell any financial instruments such as investments, insurance, or any other financial product. Our Financial Coaches work on a flat fee basis.  Most of our clients state that they save more than the price of the service over the first 30-90 days. We guarantee that if you apply the principles we teach, the cost of the service will more than pay for itself in your finances and in your relationship.

Financial Coaching is about teaching, mentoring, and giving hope. Our job is not complete until you have a clear perspective of your current situation and the opportunities ahead of you. We give clear and practical guidance 
to help you move towards your goals. 

Immediate Benefits of Financial Coaching:

  •  Get out of debt (everything but your home) usually within 24 months
  • Save for emergencies with a rainy day fund (most save $3000 within that same 24 months)
  • Develop a cash flow plan(budget) for your income each month (we make this process easy to do for anyone)
  • I will help you determine your insurance needs: home owners, auto, life, disability, health, etc.
  • Having problems making your mortgage payment or you want to purchase a home? I will assess your situation and develop a plan with you based on your specific needs.
  • Nervous about retirement? You will receive retirement projections based on your goals for the future, developed with our help.
  • Are you making the right decisions now in order to live in retirement like you want?



 Ahmad Davis, Founder of Victory by Design. My beautiful wife is Regina Davis and we have four wonderful children by the names of Amiyha, Alana, Ahmad II, and Anya.

The seeds for Victory by Design were deposited about the year 2000 when I was going through a divorce and living out of the back of my 1993 Ford Explorer. At this time, I was a branch manager for a Loan company in the suburbs of Nashville Tennessee. I was what you would call “working homeless”. I was blessed to have a job where I was the only employee in the pseudo-office. I was assigned to this location because of my abilities to grow a business. This was a make-shift office leased from a small car repair company that had a car repair garage alongside the office. So I was able to sleep in the garage in my automobile. I would define this as the point in which I reached rock bottom.

The office was pretty slow, so I would listen to the radio during down times and found myself listening to talk radio. In the afternoon Dave Ramsey came on the air and I was intrigued. I began the basics of budgeting and started my debt snowball. A couple of weeks later I got a second job working at Taco Bell at night to push the process along. At this point I was now homeless with 2 jobs (on purpose). I became so focused on paying off debt that I chose to stay in that situation for as long as needed to get the job done.

Two major changes occurred.

1. God put an old friend in my path, and I ended up renting a room from him at a great deal. He was the best friend a person could have asked for.

2. I came to realize that my job involved selling debt, the thing which I had so passionately and aggressively attacked over the previous few months, and could no longer do my job.

Matthew 6:24 “No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other…

At that point I resigned from my position at the Loan Company and was hired as a manager at Walgreens in Nashville Tn. and began a new life. Shortly after starting my new life I met Regina in New Orleans on vacation. About 18 months later we were married and I transitioned to live in Gretna La. (suburb of New Orleans).

My career at Walgreens fostered and grew as I accepted larger and more challenging responsibilities. At the peak of my tenure, I was a Community Leader for Walgreens which included:

  • Responsible for up to 12 Retail Store Units
    • Developed stores to be more profitable and customer focused
    • Enhanced training and development of store personnel to reach company/community goals
  • Trained and developed the Store Managers for the units in my community
    • Trained managers to increase profit and sales in tandem
    • Developed managers in community relations and networking
    • Supported training of store personnel
  • Developed and implemented Community Awareness Programs
  • Assisted with the selection and promotion of Executive Assistants to Store Manager


My career at Walgreens had promise, but it was not my calling. Through prayer, my wife and I went a step further with my development and I became a Certified Financial Counselor through Dave Ramsey’s office in the spring of 2005. At that time the Lord led us to begin sharing the message of Financial Freedom as a ministry, in which I began counseling those requesting help free of charge. A few months later, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and we had the opportunity to support a multitude of family, friends, and new associates through the recovery process.

We continued for several years with the ministry and eventually my family and I relocated to Springfield VA, where Victory By Design was officially birthed. The business was part time at first as I transitioned my home life to be able to support a new income stream.

Victory By Design is biblically centered on supporting people reach all of the potential that God has deposited within them. We support individuals, couples, and businesses maximize their resources and fulfill their purpose.

The programs are centered on God, Purpose, and Hope. I have been broke, homeless, repossessed, and feeling lost. The one thing that I am certain of is that God has never foresaken me, I just needed to align with his word.

Be blessed on your journey to financial freedom.

Be blessed on your journey to financial freedom.

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