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I am a Realtor with an extraordinary and unique approach.  I am passionalte about digging into the Lifestyle Community and Culture of Long Beach which in turn contributes to so many visceral experiences when you partner with me.   I want you to really SEE Long Beach not just tour homes.  I also love to collaborate and synergize! Thus these events were born! 

The power of us working together is greater than anything we can accomplish alone! My vision for these events: don’t focus on name tags or business cards, focus on getting to know people and figuring out concrete ways you can help them! Make some amazing connections and you will learn why Networking is not about what you get, but what you give! Create intimacy and synergy with the people that make our City by the Sea so unique. This is a large City with a Small Town feel. I want to foster that in a simple + fun + unique way. Feel free to colloborate, inspire, innovate, create, visualize or inquire within!

Stay Tuned for more Events! Always on a Wednesday, betweern 6-8pm. Always an inspiring atmospheric vibe! Get off your computer and let's meet + mingle!

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