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VET Tv Events

VET Tv is an internet based, streaming television network for the post 9/11 veteran community.

VET Tv also produces live shows and festivals.

On July 4, 2016, Comedy Central was tag teamed by HBO and the Military Channel.

No contraception was used.
VET Tv is the bastard child of this typical act of military lust.

VET Tv Shows-

Kill, Die, Laugh- The Chappelle Show of the military

Swingin' with the Wing- "Parks and Rec" set in a Marine Airwing

All Aboard- "Parks and Rec" set on a Navy ship

Sick Call- "The Office" set in an Army aid station

Field Day- The SNL of the military

Combat Sports Network- The ESPN of the military

Gods of War- Gruesome, horrific, yet beautiful- medal citiation re-enactments.

Jodie- Stories of adolescent love and infidelity.

VET Tv Live Shows-

Embarrassing Confessions Tour

Live Tapings of Kill, Die, Laugh, and the Veteran Mating Game

And many more, check out our live show schedule below!

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