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Versed Professional Services

Versed Professional Services is a limited company under the laws of Kenya with its head office in Nairobi Kenya. The organization has a wide range of experience working with development partners in capacity building in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean.

VPS focuses on capacity development that is not narrowed to individuals but one that also encompasses leaders, organizations and entire societies. This increases the sustainability index of our efforts because it ensures that the change generated by our programmes is generated, guided and sustained through those whom it is meant to benefit.

At Versed Professional Services (VPS) we recognize that unless existing skill gaps are addressed, meeting of developmental goals and targets by everyone in the development sector, achievement of sustainable development goals will just be a vision on paper. This is primarily informed by the fact that its only through bringing about sustainable transformation (that goes beyond just performing tasks but changing mindsets and attitudes) in all developmental sectors that targets can be met.

VPS not only focuses on training of participants on the use of latest technology but our programmes put emphasis on how to use the technology best suited to the organization’s goals embedded in PDPs. The training programmes also have incorporated built-in incentives to apply the new skills which empowers participants to train others in using the technology. Our programmes also clearly articulate the benefits to personnel development and the linkage of personal performance to team performance and overall organizational efficiency and ability to fulfill its mandate.

Our approach towards capacity development is driven by the desire to address gaps most importantly not through training people on the use of solutions developed elsewhere but through understanding individual, societal and community gaps and through a consultative process, developing and delivering tailor made solutions to the specific gaps.

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