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Vermillion Community CPR

On average, as of 2015, 383,000 people suffer from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest each year. When you break it down, that's close 1,000 people per day. Out of that surprising large number, 88% of them happen in your own home. That means, if you have to give CPR to someone, it will most likely be your child, friends, parents, or grandparents. Sadly, the survival rate for sudden out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is only 8%. However, the chances increase significantly if the patient receives high quality CPR right away. What would happen if everyone was properly trained on how to provide good, effective CPR? With that question in mind, the Vermillion Community CPR program was created. Vermillion Community CPR is dedicated to training healthcare professionals, company employees, scouts, organizations, and anyone else interested, in the most up-to-date CPR/AED skills based on the current American Heart Association guidelines.


All of our CPR classes are sponsered by the Vermillion/Clay County EMS Association