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Velocity Driving LLC

Velocity Driving is for driving enthusiasts. We are not a rental company, but a driving event group catering to enthusiasts just like us. If you enjoy driving, and dream to enjoy the best drivers' cars in the world on the best roads and tracks in the world; then our events are for you! Want to cruise through the Hamptons in a Maserati? Tear up an Autocross course in a GTR? Blast through the main-straight in a Lamborghini? You've come to the right place. Look for our events in your area coming soon! We are a driving group because our clients.....enjoy driving! We don't sit in a lawn chair at car shows, we don't show-off in front of clubs, and we don't let our cars sit in garages for half of the year. We drive them! What's the fun in owning one of these exciting machines, just to keep the mileage low so the next owners can enjoy them? We don't believe that these beautifully engineered machines should only be experienced by the ultra-wealthy either. Owning one of these vehicles requires not only a large financial investment, but exorbitant insurance and maintenance costs. Even renting one of these cars for the day, weekend, or week can cost many thousands of dollars. What if you just want to experience one of these high-strung sports cars for a short drive? Imagine being able to feel for yourself the horsepower and handling that, until-now, only magazines could attempt to describe in words. What if this experience could cost as much as a pair of jeans? Well now it can!

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