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vedic research and innovations

Pran Yantra or Tesla Purple Energy Plates  are Trans-receivers of Life Force Energy and a complete natural pain management system for humans,animals and plants.

The most effective and reasonably priced Purple Positive Energy Plates at $5.00

Simply place the plate on the painful part for about 20 minutes and let colors and vibrations do the job naturally. For Insomnia keep it beneath the Pillow.

We are also in fb for testimonials. Please visit Tesla Purple Plates and Experience_tesla purple energy plates-India and tesla purple plates.

These purple plates are loaded with Life Force Energy and transmits the same to the user. Developed in 1970's by Ralph Bergstresser,inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla,the man credited by such inventions as alternating current,x-rays, and florescent lighting

Relieves Migraine,Spondilites,Sciatica, back pain, fibromyalgia,stress and depression,etc,within 20 minutesand guards against the deadly electro-magnetic-radiation.

 why Indian purple plates are the most effective.

Read what Ralph Bergstresser has written about purple plates and Life Force Energy.


These are also known as Pran Yantra or the Life Force Energy Tools.


During summers lot of birds/strays die due to lack of water

and heat  and Birds get hit on overhead Live Electric Cables and die within 15 minutes due to burns,lack of water and medical aid.

 The vets explain: Such birds and animals hardly survive even if timely medicines are provided and even if they do they take days to fly off.


This purple energy plates help revive the birds and they fly off within 2

minutes. You only have to keep the injured bird on the Purple Plate [feet on purple plate]

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