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About VBAC Facts

The mission of VBAC Facts is to close the gap between what the best practice guidelines from ACOG and the NIH say about VBAC and repeat cesarean and what people generally believe. While making information relative to post-cesarean birth options easily accessible to the people who seek it, VBAC Facts strives to create a deep understanding of “the why” by providing political and historical context of the current VBAC climate as well as medical and scientific context for understanding obstetrical risk and evaluating birth-related research. VBAC Facts is an advocate for accurate and fair information and does not promote a specific mode of delivery, type of health care professional, or birth location. Read more about this unique approach.

About Jennifer Kamel

When Jennifer Kamel, Founder/Director of VBAC Facts, had her cesarean in 2004 for single footling breech presentation, she had no idea how hard it would be to find fair, unbiased, and accurate information on post-cesarean birth options. With her professional history as a commercial real estate research manager performing demographic and geographic analysis for international, national, and local companies, she was accustomed to gathering information, analyzing it, and presenting her findings in everyday terms. After her cesarean, she directed her skill set to post-cesarean birth options. Upon her VBAC in 2007, she looked at the information she had acquired in light of all the misinformation and confusion that dominated many exchanges on the internet. VBAC Facts was born.

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