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VARXITY, a Total Athlete Development Solutions sports consultancy operating since 2011. Varxity envisions the development of world-class Filipino athletes and in order to achieve this, we have made it our mission to promote the identification of athletes and employment of the total athlete development program. We do this by enabling institutions to mold children, youth, and adult athletes to reach the peak of their performance and become competition-ready.


To share with you, Total Athlete Development recognizes that athletes are multidimensional beings. It seeks to develop athletes in their totality, not just on a specific aspect. It is a system that targets sports-specific skills, fitness, mental skills, and life skills. It is different from many sports programs today. Many sports programs today are merely focused on training athletes to win. Total athlete development focuses on the process necessary to make a winner. 


Varxity’s experience in managing sports events and tournaments, designing and implementing systematic and scientific year-round sports programs, and providing professional coaching reached more than 1,000 individuals which gives Varxity the edge to make their vision a reality.



In order to promote the advocacy, Varxity used the platform of 3on3 Basketball.  Since, anthropometric agility of Filipinos best fits quick action-sports, Filipino athletes have the competitive advantage to excel on this.

 Varxity has been registered under FIBA – The International Basketball Federation, since 2014 to organize 3x3 basketball FIBA-endorsed leagues. All players participating in FIBA-endorsed 3x3 events are offered an individualized profile page and are listed in the 3x3 Individual World Ranking on



The goal is to create various world-class opportunities for all Filipinos to contribute to the development of 3x3 Basketball in the Philippines and be recognized internationally. Varxity believes that Filipino athletes have what it takes to go from streets to Olympics. 

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