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UxU (Unique and Uncontemporary) is a Lifestyle Brand that's been around since 2009. As the years have progressed, we are now branching out to become a "1 stop shop" for media production services. Our team consist of an array of multiple backgrounds that fit any service needed by you and your company. As a lifestyle brand, we thrive on giving what the people want! The UxU team definitely has fullfilment off of our motto because " WHAT YOU NEED WE GOT IT"!


Since the rebirth of our brand, our team is MORE than ready to show more of our culture and skills! Not just through our media skills, but to be able to bring everyone together and network/party!


                                   "READ MORE FOR HOW OUR STORY ORIGINATED"


Our story began in 2009 with two graffiti artists dreaming of the opportunity to expand their art past street walls. They wanted an outlet to help express their individuality. The best way to accomplish this was by creating a street-wear clothing line. Since then, UxU has branched off into other sub-projects within its initial plan. We see ourselves as artists. All of our projects scream the motto: Be Yourself, Be Different. Our designs are from all kinds of inspiration in an effort to set ourselves apart from the crowd.

We are more than a brand…We are a movement. UxU promotes authentic ideas and leader potential in a world full of followers. We strongly encourage thinking for yourself and simply doing YOU from beginning to end. There are those in this creative world that are afraid to show who they really are and worry that they may not be accepted in the mainstream. We are not of that group. We knock the haters and set trends, not follow them. We are our own craze and we set our own standards. We color outside the lines of life. Through our apparel, we show love and respect to the arts and connect with other artists pursuing the same endeavors. 

UxU strives to cater to what fans want and envision in order to strengthen our movement. 

With that being said, enjoy the site and never be afraid to email us and tell us what you'd like to see. Fan mail lets us know that we are doing a great job and that you guys are happy. Check out the UNCNTMPRY page to learn about our movement and what we stand for. Don’t forget to view online store to get your own UxU gear! 



Always wondered what "UNCNTMPRY" actually means? Find out HERE


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