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Utah Beardsman Alliance

  • The Utah Beardsman Alliance is a beard and moustache club. We are open to all facial hair types. Facial hair is not required to be part of this great organization.

    By-Laws: (Adopted from North Texas Beard Alliance.)
    1. No Dues- Donations and funds made from the sale of merchandise will all be put back into the group.
    2. Sport- Demonstrate the ability to Grow and Maintain a style of Facial Hair that fits your personality.
    3. Support- Do not hesitate to show your appreciation for another individuals style.
    4. D'BAD (Don't Be A Douche)- Because there are already negative stereotypes antagonizing facial hair.
    5. Have fun.

    Wives and girlfriends are welcome to join this Facebook group to show their support for the bearded men they love.

    Current Officers

    Stuart Landerman
    Topher Pennington
    Cory McFarland
    Jay Brinkerhoff
    Kody Kendall
    Ed Warner
    John Wiant
    Angie Goode Landerman-Treasury

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