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USO NO Show Policy

Ticket reservations are to be made in good faith. We expect 100% attendance if you reserve tickets.  Upon receiving your RSVP via this system, your attendance is expected. Barring extreme circumstances, a no-show at an event will place you on lock-out status from the reservation system as follows: 

1st time = 30 DAYS

 2nd time = 60 DAYS

3rd time = 90 DAYS 

4TH TIME = 365 DAYS  

Those who order above the ticket limit amount will have their order automatically changed to the limit amount without notice. If you need to cancel your reservation you must do it by canceling your order online using the same system you registered with. If you are canceling after the 72 hour window you must send an e-mail to  with your name and event you are cancelling and the reason. Any e-mails received after the 72 hour grace period for an event without an approved reason will result in your name being added to the disqualification list for the listed length of time. Please read the description carefully when reserving tickets as valid identification is REQUIRED for all tickets. All ticket reservations are per email address/ ID/ household address. Anyone caught abusing the tickets program will be banned from reservations for the time frames listed above.

 Please Note: All tickets issued from the USO are to be used by the assigned recipient and cannot be sold, traded, copied, or otherwise used by anyone for anything other than the initial intention. The USO will ban for life any person, entity, or group who is found profiting from the sale of any USO tickets.

Photo Policy:  I and all my guests do herby consent to having photographs potentialy taken to be used for the sole purpose of the USO. This may occure in print media, digital image, or sound data. No image will be sold by the USO for use by another entity.




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