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USMC CPL kenneth james - Artist | Poet | Veteran Advocate

#SocialJusticeArt #EscapingSkidRow #PerpetuationOFVeteranPoverty

#TheBroaderRoadToCivility #VeteransForCivility #VeteranEmpowerment

#DstressedVets #PurePoetryPortraitsPreemptingPerniciousness #P4

it is most difficult to be an advocate for yourself when you are used to being in control | or when U don't know that U need an advocate!.

when you serve your nation, and you make sure that your base is safe, your men and women , and yourself are safe. You complete your security missions and operations and hold the integrity standards high for all that you do... well, sometimes when it is you that needs help, it is hard to even recognize it, let alone asking for some help. 

That was me... many years after the Corps, Nightmares, no sleep, isolation, and then total opposite and just giving all my resources to everybody else! i found out it was me trying to drown out the nightmares, the breakdowns, and various other symptoms (that i did not even know i had) this is just part of it

the other part of it, some of us become homeless, we self-medicate, fortunately i only use art... if i could smoke weed i would, because that is closer to medicine for PTSD and depression than any of the suicide inducing psych drugs that i have been prescribed. when U are trying to be successful in #EscapingSkidRow edibles or anything... pretty much is too expensive!

So while i am trying to escape the afteraffects of disabilities - including being victimized to those who committed crimes against me because they knew that i was vulnerable and they could get away a with it... anyway! i am #EscapingSkidRow... at least on that journey in hoping to do so - 


The more of us who stand together - the faster we will NOT be taken advantage of etc. 


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