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USC Safe Communities Institute and USC Bedrosian Center on Governance

Safe Communities Institute (SCI) engages in research, interdisciplinary education, and collaboration to advance sustainable public safety strategies, policies, and programs.

The Institute's mission is three-fold: To reach people with a new understanding public safety that hinges on education, awareness and research, and community engagement; To advance violence prevention strategies, policies and research; To contribute to global security in a time of increasing threats.

The Institute provides a 21st-century approach to public safety by adopting a multidisciplinary "whole-of-community" methodology, which informs SCI educational programs, research projects and community engagement.


Bedrosian Center is an applied research center at the University of Southern California, whose goal is the promotion of effective governance.

We foster effective governance by: Building the professional capacity of public & nonprofit institutions, Shaping public dialogue across public, private, & nonprofit sectors on governance and institutional reform, and Promoting & supporting innovative governance scholarship

We serve as: A focal point for the discussion of pressing issues the nation faces regarding how the public sector can work better, a conduit through which the best practices and cutting edge thinking about strategies are made known broadly, and a center of education for public sector principals and staff with the goal of improving government effectiveness in implementing policy.

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