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U.S. Small Business Administration - Wichita District Office

Physical Address: 220 W. Douglas, Suite 450, Wichita, KS 67202

Phone: 316-269-6616     Email:


Wichita Office Directory:

Wayne Bell, District Director, Phone: 316-269-6566 Ext. 200

Vanessa Klein, Deputy District Director, Phone: 316-269-6571 Ext 220

Doug Clary, Supervisory Lender Relations Specialist, Phone: 316-269-6571 Ext 214

Janelle Jones, Lender Relations Specialist, Phone: 316-269-6616 Ext 201

Karol Ikeda, Lender Relations Specialist and Economic Development Specialist, Phone: 316-269-6616

Michael Aumack, Economic Development Specialist and Public Information Officer, Phone: 316-269-6275

Teri Taylor, Business Opportunity Specialist Phone: 316-269-6273 Ext 223

Linda McMaster, District Counsel, Phone: 316-269-6191 Ext 260

Sheryl Clary, Program Support Assistant, Phone: 316-269-6273 Ext 263

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