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Upstart Crow Children's Theatre

Every child who walks through our doors becomes family. A theatre gang, if you will. They learn from day one, how important they are to the whole. Every rehearsal ends with "Clap for yourselves," reinforcing the understanding that their hard work is what ultimately makes the show a success. Instilling a sense of pride and confidence in their ability is what sets Upstart Crow apart from other traditional theatre companies. We audition to place children in the most successful role for them, finding the perfect fit and then building on that moment to even greater success in the future. 

About 30% of our children have special needs. They may be foster children, on the autism spectrum, or in financial crisis,  but they are always welcome. Those who do not have these challenges learn the true meaning of diversity and what it means to be part of a cast of many. The links of the chain become stronger and the cast grows to depend on each other, raising everyone up equally.

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