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UNOFEX - Union of Excellence

The UNOFEX (Union of Excellence) unites and forms an exceptional community of accredited professionals worldwide working within the film, fashion, music, luxury, art and television industry.


The organization represents talent and members from across the world and creates a fast growing, powerful international network of those key figures at the top of their game, from film directors to entrepreneurs, and attorneys to artists.


Creative individuals seeking to embed themselves in a network of likeminded movers and shakers are flocking to the UNOFEX to gain the benefits of being part and being accredited of a community of top achievers. The organization understands the value behind joining powerful people with other powerful people across industries. UNOFEX creates a network of top performers that members are allotted access to the connections and opportunities that are few and far between when left to the normal function of daily work environments where professionals are segregated by industries and status. At Union of Excellence, creativity and talent flows freely, inspiring each member through a varied network of talent and success.


UNOFEX also hosts unique and powerful events to offer a lifetime of development to its members. These prestigious events help members to connect with other talented individuals from across the world and across industries, promoting collaboration and connection within the community. Events seek to honor professionals and their industries as well, creating an opportunity for members to enjoy the fruits of their labor and further the development of their work and industries at large.


Should you have any questions regarding our events, our event staff will be happy to assist you.

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