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University of La Verne Music Department

A literal soundtrack to our lives, music shapes humanity on a daily basis. From the strum of a finely tuned guitar to the infectious beat of a popular dance song to the impeccable harmonics of a choir, there are few things that convey emotion as simply – and as powerfully – as music.


The University of La Verne’s Music Department provides a wide array of opportunities for the community to experience and immerse themselves in musics from the Western Art tradition, American music, and the musics of diverse cultures.


Sundays at the Morgan are a monthly showcase of music and musicians shaped by the College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Music. It’s a tradition marked with anticipation—guitarists warming up their fingers on a fretboard and singers climbing and descending scales, as arts enthusiasts and music lovers gather in front of Founder’s Hall. It all culminates when the lights dim inside the Ann and Steve Morgan Auditorium and acclaimed artists take to the stage to unveil their talents at Sundays at the Morgan.

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