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University of Delaware Center for Political Communication

Message from CPC Director Nancy Karibjanian: Welcome to the University of Delaware’s Center for Political Communication, a place where academic research fosters public engagement and relevant political issues top the agenda. So much has evolved since the 2008 election when UD alumni dominated the national political landscape. Without question, the contentious 2016 election launched a new era of political communication. Understanding the underlying issues fueling this change is at the core of the Center for Political Communication’s mission. Through research and public engagement, the CPC examines the effect of political discourse, social issues, technology, and policy on political communication. Whether it is a late-night talk show monologue, or a grassroots effort to galvanize support for science, the CPC and its affiliated faculty stand firmly at the epicenter of politics, examining the intersection of communication methods and influence. This is especially true with our annual National Agenda Speaker Series, which continues to tackle relevant issues. The 2017 series explored the polarization of our nation. “As We Stand | Divided” delved into gender, geography, religion, partisan politics, and culture and how these factors either connect or marginalize individuals. National Agenda offers an extraordinary experience for students who not only examine these issues in the classroom but also engage in vibrant discussions with the invited speakers. These conversations can be difficult, but, without question, are always enlightening. The CPC remains poised to tackle the difficult topics, connect with our students and with our community.

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