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Universal Oneness Alliance

Universal Oneness Alliance’s mission is to inspire humanity to awaken to the Universal Truth of Oneness. Science is now for the first time in alignment with this fact about the reality we live within. Science is teaching us that all life, that all matter, is interconnected and interdependent. Science is teaching us that separation is an illusion. "The biggest problem in the world today is the illusion of separation."

Everything is energy, and that energy has no limits and has no boundaries; another name for that energy is LOVE! There is no place where I end and you begin, we are all interconnected, we are all ONE. What you do to another person you are literally doing to another aspect of yourself. And when mankind awakens to this Truth there will be an end to war, violence and poverty.

Our vision is to help raise the vibration of this planet by hosting various events, conferences, seminars, workshops and more, bring people together from all corners of the world in celebration of our Oneness. These events will be Live and Live Stream. Once mankind is awaken to the simple truth of Oneness there will be peace on earth, which is the first step in the evolution of humanity to higher consciousness and higher dimensions.

Come join with us to build a world of Love! We are a non-profit organization and your support and love is greatly appreciated.

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