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Universal Barber Show

For years the beauty industry has held conferences to educate, entertain, compete and highlight the talents of the best in the industry. Although there has been great talent from all over the world, to date the best talent has been displayed from the East Coast. Due to past limits and restrictions with exclusive product lines many in the industry haven’t been equally exposed to education or proper training. Their success has been hindered and their growth stagnant.

The Universal Barber Expo (UBE) was created just for barbers to open up the market to a measure of excellence in an industry plagued with idiosyncrasies, accusations of being too urban, crass and unprofessional. So there WILL NOT be any exclusion of products, services or techniques. All Product lines are welcome!!!

UBE would like to give full attention to not only the talent but the barbershop atmosphere. Highlighting the positivity of the industry while protecting the sanctity of what the for men across the board. We want you to attend and be heard. You are given and voice and now an expo just for you. Let’s have real conversation and competition outside the barbershop. Bring your talent, best skill, wisdom and knowledge to the forefront. Let’s find out once and for all who has the best talent! The ladies of the beauty industry have been doing this for years, let’s bring big number and show them who has the better craft.

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