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Ultimate Selling Solutions, LLC - Founder and Author: Jim Martin


For 40+ years, Jim Martin has been gathering the experience and wisdom to become the Ultimate Seller. He has held every position, from sales rep. to president, in successful organizations that built national, and international, reputations for success. GE, Campbell Soups, ROLM/IBM; telecom, sales training, management coaching--Jim’s career has been a thorough preparation to enable him to assist any individual or company, to meet and exceed goals.

Been there and Done That!  It's about proven principles, strategies and tactics for the 21st Century, not wishful thinking!


Ultimate Selling provides essential and critical B2B sales expertise, from the executive suite to front-line sales staff. Jim facilitates sustainable sales success by helping clients learn to clarify, identify, and target the most appropriate and profitable activities to reach the next sales level. 

Jim applies unconventional thinking in his application of fresh and innovative solutions. Ultimate Selling solutions are clear, straightforward and fulfill client expectations. As he has done throughout his career, he is eager to pass on this knowledge to help individuals and organizations achieve personal and economic growth.


Everything in the selling field has changed. It's instantaneous, global, and loaded with competition. Profit margins are difficult to maintain and cost of sales is going up. It's ADVANTAGE Buyer! Seller BEWARE! 

Business enterprises rise and fall on the success of their sales departments. Yet few companies are skilled at achieving and sustaining peak sales levels. Selling today requires bold innovative ideas. Traditional selling historically achieves a 10 - 30% success rate on opportunities pursued. It’s a formula that Ultimate Selling, flatly rejects.

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