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Uganda Agribusiness Alliance

Uganda Agribusiness Alliance Limited (UAA) is an organised private sector alliance made up of corporate bodies, financial institutions, agribusiness associations and other institutions that support growth of agribusinesses in Uganda, all working together to grow a strong, coordinated and more organised agribusiness industry in Uganda, creating jobs and lifting millions out of poverty.

The organisation is not-for-profit and takes the form of a company limited by guarantee without share capital. UAA is also licensed as a not-for-profit organisation, by the National Board for Non-Governmental Organisations in Uganda, pursuant to the provisions of the NGO Act 2016.

UAA was established in July 2014 to inter-alia catalyse sustainable investment and growth in the Ugandan agricultural and agro-industry.  To achieve this, UAA works with the private sector, civil society, researchers, development partners and government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), especially where solutions require actions by multiple actors, to collaboratively;

(a) Identify, prioritise and address the industry challenges, both today and tomorrow,

(b) Drive opportunities for agricultural enterprises, of all sizes, to thrive in a fast-paced global economy, and

(c) Coordinate efforts as well as mobilise resources that address the fundamental drivers of growth of the agribusiness sector in Uganda.

UAA’s purpose is to fully exploit the potential of agriculture as a business, creating a foundation for large-scale job creation, improved food & nutritional security, macroeconomic stability and greater prosperity for all Ugandans involved in the agricultural sector.

Further details about UAA can be found at

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