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Tulloch Media Corporation, Inc.

Maxine J. Tulloch, MBA is the Chief Executive Officer and President for Tulloch Media Corporation, Inc. a media communications company. She is the Executive Producer and Host of her own television show the “Maxine Tulloch Show” that is currently aired on CableVision TV in 21 Caribbean Islands, Florida and on Cablevision in NY, NJ and Connecticut, the show“spotlights” the culturally diverse and influential American and Caribbean communities across the USA.

As the Producer of the “Maxine Tulloch Show” she controls all aspects of production, ranging from show idea and development, casting and hiring to shoot supervision and fact-checking.  She is also responsible for the show’s overall quality and survivability. 

Maxine is the creator and Executive Producer of the new television reality show production “Caribbean Wives of South Florida.”   The production portrays South Florida as a melting pot of a diverse set of individuals living together, each bringing their own signature based on their Caribbean sub-culture and upbringing, religious beliefs, class prejudices, academic biases, and socio-economic peculiarities.

She is the Past President of the Caribbean-American Journalists and Media Association an association formed to be a unified voice for Caribbean-American journalists and media professionals in Florida.  Maxine has been in Media for over 20 years with her first radio program on WOL in Washington, DC-Kathy Hughes’ first radio station and has interviewed many political figures, government officials, celebrities, community activists/advocates and local business owners.

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