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Tucson Very Easy Hiking & Walking

We were previously the Meetup group know as "Tucson Beginning (Very!) Hiking & Walking for Ages 60+".

We are moving away from Meetup and no longer discriminate based on age.

We are a group of people who like to hike and don't mind inviting people to join us.


 Let us revel in the beautiful scenery surrounding us! This is a group for those of us who adore being in nature but are not quite up to the hikes offered by the various hiking groups in Tucson. According to Alan Fogel PhD, a psychologist specializing in the mind-body connection, "Numerous studies have shown that outdoor exercise confers special benefits compared to exercising in synthetic environments; benefits primarily related to psychological state. Outdoor exercise makes people happier, less fatigued and angry, more tranquil and relaxed, and bestows a more lasting energy boost compared to indoor exercise." 


Let's have fun together while soaking up some of these benefits! We will consider guided hikes but also less active activities such as nature walks, picnicking, or enjoying a sunset or even sunrise. Bring your suggestions!

Event hosts are always welcome. You can email us if you have a related event you'd like to host.

All are welcome, but be aware that events for this group are meant to be less physical than typical area hiking events.

All walks/hikes are at a relaxed pace with regular breaks. Any hikes/walks that are more than two miles long and/or have much elevation variance or rougher terrain should require more and longer breaks.

We do not pressure others to walk faster and we take breaks whenever anyone in the group wants. If you want something more physical and/or want to compete, this is not the the group for you.

Marketing and  political or religious discussions are strongly discouraged.

It's about fun, exercise and friendship.

Be aware that we are hosting these events only. There are no leaders/guides. We do not make guarantees and do not take responsibilty for the individuals that join these hikes. There can be risks with any outdoor activity. You join at your own risk.

-- Steve McAllister

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