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T.R.U.E. Health

Dr. Kurt Perkins is a 'Lifestyle Interventionalist.'  He's on a mission of 'Leading Humanity on a Lifelong Journey to T.R.U.E. Health.' 

Kurt Perkins DC CCWP is a health care provider that views health from a paradigm usually contradictory to that of mainstream media, research, and pharmaceutical influence. "Our allopathic approach to treating conditions has not and will not ever create health. It's a massively broken system, not just because it's broke, but because it operates incongruently with what healthy physiology would allow."

T.R.U.E. is an acronym.  The 'T' stands for 'Teaching you how to ask the right questions.'  The 'R' stands for 'Realize that getting and staying well has a cost.  The greatest cost is daily conscious decision making.'  The 'U' stands for 'Understand health is normal.'  The 'E' stands for 'Embracing lifestyle changes, Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well.'

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