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Hello... My name is Troy E. Pearson Jr. I was born in Camden, NJ on November 1, 1992. My mom was a single parent who gave and did the best she could which I'm so think full for. I'm 24 Years old and graduated from Pennsauken High. I first started being behind the camera in2015 I didn't take it serious but the more I did it the more I realize how much I love to make creations from the environment and people. I also did videography with my best friend Taquan Allen. We did film and photos of concerts, weddings, fashion shows, events & more. we still work together til this day & now we have a production called Black Light Entertainment.  In 2016 early February my parents purchased my first camera & photography has been my main focus & I still do videography but my passion is photography.  At this stage of my life I work with one modeling agency and clothing line called "The Every Day Girl" (CEO NeVaughn Brown & N.O.K. Film’s  Luke Torres). They gave me a big push on my photography career. I just love everything about photography. When it comes to taking pictures & editing but the best part of being a photographer is making people feel special & beautiful Inside & Out. I hope one day I can do the same for you..

Published: 2017 Juxtapose Magazine January Issue

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