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TriviaTainment Philly

@ TriviaTainment we make it a FUN NIGHT! Hosting Themed Trivia at your favorite bar or restaurant where your options are endless ... So no more ordinary "how the heck would you that" kinda questions.

Our customized “Themed” trivia appeals to fans by providing the means to enjoy your favorite shows & movies, all while you showcase your knowledge and prove you are “The Biggest Fan”. Best of all, our events are ALWAYS FREE!

We start each and every exciting evening with “Your Host With the Most”, yes a bit nerdy but with a whole lotta cool! Our Hosts are passionate about what they do & specialize in everything from Seinfeld to Batman, from Lord of the Rings to Gossip Girl, from Arrested Development to Star Wars, and the list goes on …

The Quiz - Our quiz consists of 5 rounds and nearly 70 uniquely themed questions in two exciting hours!

Round 1: Will test your general knowledge with 10 questions that ease the way into what often becomes a highly competitive evening

Round 2: Will step the game up a notch with quotes from your favorite characters. The quotes are either read in full and you must answer who's speaking, OR words are replaced with “blank” and the missing word or words are the answer.

Round 3: True or False gives you a 50/50 chance to totally redeem yourself! Detailed statements are read for participants to carefully deduce whether it's correct ... or not quite.

Round 4: Let’s get Visual, Visual, Let’s get Visual... (try to image Olivia Newton John Singing that one, hmmm) Now it gets really fun with the Character Identity Round! We take screen grabs for our Character ID Round while watching the movie or TV show, which is often a very hard round. Points are awarded for characters first and last name; no nicknames or real-life names.

THE 5th and Final round - The Lightning Round! Get your pencils ready, crack your knuckles and say a prayer. The Lightning Round consists of 20 fast and furious questions that truly separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls.

And If that is not enough you can win great prizes too! We host our events in many of the hottest restaurants and bars in your area so you can enjoy great food and drinks, chill with your besties or home boys & and have a blast!

While themed trivia is our area of expertise, TriviaTainment has the ability to create any type trivia experience you may request.

Besides our free weekly Themed quizzes, we also offer private quizzes for corporate functions/weddings/birthdays and many other private events.

See you soon...

TriviaTainment - Philadelphia

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