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Triton Talent's Comedian Sheba Mason

Sheba Mason hired a woman - Ginger Reiter - to give birth to her and to feature her in musicals which Ginger writes!  First there was the ongoing Both Sides of a Famous Love Affair: The Jackie Mason Musical, in which Sheba plays her own mother - Ginger - with a rambunctious cast of eight which is playing throughut the country; Next Ginger wrote "Alexander Schwartz Sleeps with Mae West"  in which Sheba is featured as the transgender mistress of a bigoted overlibidinous resident of Miami Beach; and 700 Wives and 1Transveswife: King Solomon's Saga in which Sheba plays...well...the Queen of Sheba, who is actually supposed to be African, but since Ginger wrote it, she decided to change history.

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