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Trauma Informed Adams County

Trauma Informed Adams County defines trauma as "an event or multiple events in an individual’s life that affect the individual in a way which alters their ability to cope with everyday life."


Due to symptoms that are responses to trauma, many people have difficulty moving forward with their lives in achieving productive lifestyles and personal goals. Not all people experience the same effects from adverse experiences.


Trauma Informed Adams County recognizes that responses to trauma can be a combination of factors to include resilience and exposure to adverse childhood and adult experiences.


The objectives of Trauma Informed Adams County include:

- Every citizen can give a compassionate response to a traumatized person.

- Everyone - schools, faith communities, treatment centers, community centers, law enforcement, courts, and county offices - views trauma through the same lens.

- The initial response to problematic behavior is: “What happened to you?” instead of “What’s wrong with you?”

- Families and children engaged in services will be provided with trauma sensitive and supportive perspectives from the professionals they encounter.

- Trauma will be a consideration in legal processes, treatment coordination, provision of services, and services plans.

- Prevention of adverse childhood experiences and interventions will provide a scientific approach to assessing needs and supporting individuals in trauma or with symptoms of traumatic stress.


A trauma-informed community approach engages many stakeholder groups, so that we, as a county, can better meet the needs of individuals who suffer from lasting results experienced as a result of traumatic life events and shape our communities to support healing and resiliency building.

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