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Transportation Consortium of South Central States (Tran-SET)

The Transportation Consortium of South Central States (Tran-SET) is a collaborative partnership between nine major institutions and two community colleges, led by Louisiana State University, that will combine the distinct characteristics and strengths of each institution to deliver a Center with unique capabilities to tackle regional transportation challenges.

The theme of the Center is “Solving Emerging Transportation Resiliency, Sustainability and Economic Challenges through the Use of Innovative Materials and Construction Methods: From Research to Implementation.” The Center’s Mission is to support all phases of research, technology transfer, workforce development, and outreach activities of emerging technologies that can solve transportation challenges in Region 6. The center’s research focus will be on cutting edge materials innovations and construction methodologies and their applications to the different components of the transportation infrastructure (roads, ports, rails, and bridges). The center will address economic limitations by only considering research topics that carry out a viable plan to move the technology from research to implementation including workforce training and specifications development.

The Center’s vision will be achieved by involving all stakeholders in all aspects of the research, from the project selection to the implementation phase. The vision, in partnership with major state authorities in the region and organization including experts from state authorities and the private sector, will allow it to become a transportation focal point in the region. Furthermore, the Center will become actively involved with other University Transportation Centers (UTCs) in the region and nationally so that the Center can adopt and implement research findings that would benefit the region and support the Center’s objectives. Tran-SET will benefit the users and involved state authorities by achieving the following benefits:

  • Support research projects that have the potential to tackle regional challenges in all FAST Act research priority areas and support the study from research to implementation including workforce development and training.
  • Develop and support education and technology transfer activities including short courses, workshops, and training sessions to disseminate base and new knowledge related to the UTC’s focus areas.

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