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Traci Bryant

Hello My Name is Traci Bryant I have been in the Business for almost 15 years I have been in Non Profit for alomost 10 Years I have been in the front and in the back office where things get messy and i have had the oppurtiney of really metting some Awsome people which has all push me to where I am today.  I always tell people as a rule of thumb if you are thinking of starting anytype of Business please think Traci first just so that I can lead you where you need to go if you don't want to be my client or feel that we may be to close. Business is something I do by second Nature and I don't like to see when people have been done wrong. Sometimes peoples entire savings are ridging on this so let's make sure we get it done right the first try. I if you can't make it to me i will come to you. I love educating people on business as well. I never was a Teacher by trade but I am a teacher by heart. So please please share are come and take par in yourself. I look forward to coming incontact with each of you.

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