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Total Body Wellness Clinic and Dr Phillip Redd, DO

Our approach to wellness begins with finding which of many stressors is/are affecting you specifically, and then remove them. By removing the stressors, or “toxins”, we can then restore your body’s ability to function properly by fixing your cells! When this is done, the dis-ease and disease are also often eliminated.  We go the extra mile to find out why your body is not healing itself, and then correct the problem so that your health can be restored.


We offer individualized plans to get the toxins removed from your body and support organ function. Some toxins are easier to remove (food, bacteria, electricity, emotions) while others can take months to years (allergies, heavy metals, parasites, worms, pesticides).  Remember that the journey to health is a process and can take many months, even 1-2 years of following a protocol outlined for you individually before you see permanent results.


Our cellular healing approach is what makes us different from everybody else. By searching for and correcting the root cause, patients who have struggled for years to understand their ill health finally have true and meaningful answers. We have successfully treated hundreds of individuals who have seen dozens of other doctors with limited to no results. We also take the more personal approach. We don’t limit your visits to a concise 15 minutes; we truly want to get to know the person we are coaching and treating.


We believe that everybody is unique, and that each person’s story is important enough to care for. With that said, our time and energy is also valuable. As with any goal worth achieving, we require your commitment and hope to work with only those who truly want to get well -- no matter what obstacles you face. That's what it takes to be successful, right?


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