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Top Notch Inc

The Mission: “To maintain & promote the music, tourism, food and the other cultural elements that makes the West Indies region unique.”


Top Notch an event promotion company now in its sixth year that has become known for themed upscale Caribbean events. Top Notch Inc. was formed in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, New York in 2010. The company’s original event concepts have been well received as Top Notch Inc. has found the secrets to personalizing the nightlife experience to progressive professional adults in search for quality entertainment.


Top Notch Inc.focuses on themed upscale Caribbean events that will help to promote Soca music, encourage tourism in West Indian countries, and help to preserve the Steel Pan. Top Notch Inc. approaches every endeavor with a quality first mantra & refuses to use the “Penny Wise & Pound Foolish” methods that most entertainment and promotional company’s follow. The goal is to target trendy, Caribbean-Americans living in the immediate Tampa, Florida area ages from 25-34. Also with Hair care, automobiles, telecommunications, entertainment, groceries and clothing industry these are the most popular product categories among Caribbean-Americans, and Top Notch Inc. believes that they can reach a larger market if successfully marketed in these areas. The `West Indian American` or Caribbean American population now accounts for nearly one –third of the African American population in the U.S. However they remain culturally distinct and economically are quickly moving up with some studies even posting that this upward mobility is happening at a faster rate when compared to native-born African Americans.

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