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Welcome! I’m Tonika Outerbridge ,friends call me T.

My goal is to add more value to your core by giving you the best tools to improve your business and personal life. When I started my first salon I always felt alone. Other business owners never shared their strategies on how to succeed so I had to learn from trial and error. One of the major lessons I had to learn was perception is everything. What people perceive is their reality. So at 23 I learned how to look and carry myself like a business owner. If I didn’t I would always look like some young kid without a clue. I bought a new wardrobe to represent the new me, the me I wanted employees to respect and look up to. I also had to learn how to be organized and strategic about everything concerning the business. And now 17 years later I want to share my knowledge and skills with you.

I’ve always believed that I was born to help others be great.

I don’t believe in categorizing what I do because it puts me in a box that is so difficult to get out of. I’m part natural hair stylist, part fashion designer, part stylist, part business strategist, part marketing maven, and part motivational coach with a side of crazy. And I don't apologize for being me.

A born-n-raised Bronx girl with nothing more than passion, a laptop and a wild dream to be amazing while living the life of abundance and luxury.

I help people redefine their personal style and professional business. It all starts with a vision. What is your vision? I can help you get your thoughts and vision to line up with your action plan.

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