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Tobias Leonard

A Nationally Recognized Local Instructor, For

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My Motto is: Think Safe, Act Safe, Be Safe

I focus my classes on the premise of "what would I want my own two daughters to learn so that they can be safe. With this in mind, I teach the conceal and carry class with safety being the goal, when you think safe, you act safe and that is what makes you safe, the pistol is only one tool you can use. The true weapon is your mind, attitude and training.

My experience in teaching has spanned decades of teaching nurses at the college setting. Making them feel comfortable and safe as they prepared for nursing classes. This means that my classes are relaxed and fun setting without a lot of machoismo and the focus is on STAYING SAFE! All students are welcome and appreciated, I treat the students as I would want my own daughters to be treated, I want them to be assertive, confident, fully knowledgable and comfortable.

The classes start with the topic of MINDSET. Do you have the mindset to survive? Do you have the mindset to do what it takes to stay safe? Are you mentally, emotionally and psychologically prepared?

The second topic is the USE OF FORCE, how and when can you use deadly force. In Minnesota there are very extensive restrictions on when you may use deadly force legally. We discuss this and the implications of the use of force. We use case studies, scenarios and envisioning exercises.

The third topic is an INTRODUCTION TO PISTOLS. We talk about how they work, how to use them, different types, ammunition, how to choose a pistol, holsters and other accessories. This is an overview to pistols so that you have decent knowledge about pistols.

The fourth topic is VIOLENT ENCOUNTERS. This covers physiology, survival, dealing with law enforcement, rendering aid and legal ramifications.

The last lecture topic is Minnesota citizens personal protection act (MCPPA) Which are the laws pertaining to carrying a concealed and/or open weapon in Minnesota. This includes how to apply, when you may carry and when and where you may not carry.

The class finishes at a range where you get a chance to show what you learned with a live fire practice. 

After this you have earned your certificate and are eligible to apply for a conceal and carry permit in Minnesota and other states.

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