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Tina Jones - Empowerment Coach


Tina Jones is a Personal Empowerment Coach. She works with people who are experiencing internal or external conflict and are desiring to find their voice, their passion, and emotional healing.


Looking beyond surface behaviors and language, she gets to the root of what is holding you back. She offers you support while teaching you tools that you can use on your own so that you feel less stress, less anxiety, less emotional pain and more capable of living life authentically and fully.


How often do we avoid speaking out our wishes, ideas, or opinions because we are afraid of conflict or criticism? What if you could learn to communicate from a place of complete confidence without being a doormat or a bitch?


Through her classes and sessions, Tina will help you feel at ease and personally supported while you learn to access your personal superpowers, manage emotional states, and develop positive habits for life and relationships.  

Tina Jones is a certified business, life and relationship coach, Quantum NLP, Brain Trainer and Access Bars Practitioner. Her business experience includes twenty-two years as an entrepreneur. She has grown a business from the ground up and ultimately sold that business. She is now living her passion, offering one to one coaching, small business consulting, teaching classes and facilitating events for the spiritual community of Salt Lake City.

She will teach you how to speak your authentic truth in each moment without being a doormat or a bitch. 

Call or text 801-989-3122

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