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Tina Bailey Online

Author * Motivational Speaker * Life Coach

Tina Bailey has a way of motivating and encouraging women to dig deep inside and release their greatness. In her book, "What You're Hiding is Hindering Your Blessings", she walks you through the consequences she encountered as she struggled with low self-esteem - abuse, rape, and addiction. 

Tina uses her story of triumph and victory to speak life into others struggling with knowing who they are and understanding their purpose.  She helps them fight to be their very best. She believes you are capable of doing and having anything in life that you desire as long as you believe you deserve it and are willing to do the work to achieve it. 

One thing is definately true about anyone that comes into contact with Tina, they will know that she believes in empowerment and self-care. As a survivor of abuse, she knows in order to accomlish any of your dreams you must learn to make yourself a priority and let go of the past.  

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