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Time4Energy, LLC

The WHY ...

Today, more than ever, we need energy. People are drained. Instead of charging in Monday, we're wishing for Friday. 80% of people hate there jobs. With technology, we think we're connected, but are we really? RedBull sales increase daily. Caffeine is a must. We're busy, and the treadmill known as life is getting faster.

Energy4Life Workshops teach slowing down, connecting internally with who you are, what it is you want and living fully present, focused on thriving in YOUR vision.

Get ready to believe in the amazing value of your dreams, add more consistency to make them a reality, and find more harmony in your relationships! The peace and joy of an abundant mindset are about to be yours.

Coming to a city near you ... let's charge!

"Ignite your energy -  renew your life" ... Tim

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