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Tim Gleeson

Hi!  Expanding my understanding and acceptance of what it means to be human, in concert with others, is my passion.  Have I mastered it?  Nope.  Have I gotten really good at inviting and experiencing the 'What ifs' described above - and sharing the perspectives and principles that invite others to live that way?  Yep.  I love to learn.  When I'm interested in something, I like to study it deeply so I can learn and master the fundamentals.  Living this way allows me to explore the field I'm studying in any direction that calls to me.  I applied this ‘immersion’ style to college, management, consulting and, eventually, to teaching, which has been my calling and joy for the past 30 years.  My wife, Julie, introduced me to The Three Principles over 10 years ago.  I learned about them and then began to incorporate them into my life so that I wouldn’t just know about them; I had to 'live' them every day.  Otherwise, what's the point?  I'm also a student of Tibetan and Zen Buddhism and I realized that, at the most fundamental level, the Buddhist message about what it means to be human was perfectly resonant with the Three Principles as discovered and taught by Sydney Banks.  I would be honored if you join me in one of my workshops.

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