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Tim Gillette ( Rocker Life Coach)

Tim Gillette is the Rocker Life Coach, a lifelong entrepreneur. Even as a young boy he always crafted the idea to control or own the world he lived in. As a young adult, he worked in many different industries, trying to find his place in the world.

At the age of 26, he had settled on a dream of driving his own semi but a head injury on a loading dock left Tim with a form of epilepsy and as a result, he lost his commercial drivers license. Not using that as a reason to give up, Tim used what he had learned to work in the automotive field ultimately created a related business. This was where he found his greatest strength in life: starting businesses.

After five years of building a business inPennsylvania, Tim moved to Dallas TX to start over. He worked with other companies to expand and grow their businesses and helped a friend start his new company in the home theater business.

Based on the success he had on the East Coast with auto detailing, Tim met the challenge of modifying his idea to a new area and started a mobile service in the North Dallas area. It was while meeting other entrepreneurs and mentors who had similar business ideas that Tim learned his true calling of a coach.

In 2004, Tim accepted a competitor’s buy-out offer and took some time off to work for Starbucks while he figured out his next move. That’s when he met a great leader in the motivational industry, Zig Ziglar. Getting personal time with Zig planted the seed for Rocker Life Coach.

Looking back over his life two defining moments led him to build Rocker Life Coach. The accident that changed his health at age 26 and at Age 14 a Sunday school teacher asking to describe his life in one word. The word Tim choose at 14 was "RockStar". The word the teacher was talking about that day " Successful". Tim has put those two words to mean the same to define his purpose.

Building a business structure right is and has always been a top priority for Tim. In 2009, he joined with other partners to Form X2 Investments, a Dallas-based Real Estate Company. The success of this business laid the groundwork to take Rocker Life Coach from a dream to a reality.

Rocker Life Coach is a coaching company designed to help individuals find their RockStar dream in life, then work to achieve that dream. Tim is a prolific writer who has collaborated with a number of his coaching counterparts in formulating a variety of books, training programs, and workshops.

He is currently hosting his own series of workshops around the country called “RockStar Life” with the next venue in Las Vegas this summer. The program takes you from where you are now to your RockStar Dream, knowing you will have setbacks along the way – not failures but screw ups – that will help make you stronger and better.

The Rocker Life Coach motto is: “Live the life you always wanted, love what you do and who you share your life with, and let me help you become the RockStar in your world.” Tim’s commitment is to help everyone live their RockStar dream.


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