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Tiffany Wilkinson & Dr. Susan Wolf

As an organization, Empowerment Research, LLC utilizes a participatory approach to its curriculum development and education work and has done so since the original sole proprietorship was established in Arizona in 1984 under our former name, Wattle and Daub. Our approach to development and delivery of training and educational programs combines strong empirical strategies (e.g.,epidemiologic review, secondary data analysis, current literature review, standard formative evaluation methods) with engaging interactions among targeted community members (e.g., client interviews, focus groups, target audience interviews, organizational report reviews) to create meaningful and relevant curricula and educational experiences tailored to the client’s desired outcomes, programmatic needs, and available resources.

Our approach is based on 30 years of delivering high quality products and training events as evidenced by long-standing clients who are satisfied with our products and services.

For all projects, Dr. Wolf, Educational Psychologist and Public Health Consultant, engages clients through an interactive, collaborative Five-phase Educational Development Process. This process includes: (1) project definition, (2) development of educational content, (3) content production, (4) educational presentation and (5) evaluation.

Contact information: Dr. Susan Wolf can be reached at OR Tiffany Wilkinson at