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Tiana B. Clewis @ Selah Financial Coaching

My name is Tiana B. Clewis and I am a Financial Lifestyle Coach, author and public speaker with my labor of love, Selah Financial Coaching. My universe is all about helping female entrepreneurs get their money right in their home and in their business. Whether you’re being crushed by debt, feel like you should “be further along by now” or simply don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing with the dollars in that bank account, I’m here to help.


As a wife and mother to 4 small humans (5 if you include the dog), I know what it's like to feel the shame of having an out of control bank account. There seemed to be no way to have my dream business, hit my financial goals AND live a life that I genuinely enjoyed all at the same time. I was scared of leaving the "safe" paycheck that came from the J.O.B. I hated in the midst of debt, money fights and my children's needs.


But today, we’ve demolished tens of thousands of dollars in debt, I’ve walked away from my J.O.B. to build my dream business and I’ve been actively knocking out that bucket list of international adventures. Knowing how amazing it feels to be on the other side, I want to show you that you CAN have it all! I know it because I'm doing it. So don't watch me - JOIN ME!

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