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Tian A. Griffieth/Executive Director - The 9/11 Silent Walk


Tian Griffieth is an Engineer/NREMT-B with North Charleston Fire Department Assigned to Engine Company 207 at Firehouse 7, Tian is also a Member of the South Carolina State Firefighters Association & F.A.S.T. (Firefighter Assistance & Support Team). Tian Griffieth has 10 Years combine experience as both a Career & Volunteer Firefighter. Tian is also a graduate of the 2016-2017 South Carolina State Firefighters Leadership Institute a program designed to Developed and Educate future leaders of the SC Fire Service. Tian Griffieth is a Native of North Charleston, South Carolina




The "9/11 Remembrance Weekend" is an effort of the community to Honor and Remember the sacrifices and losses the occurred on 9/11/2001. 17 Years later this Tribute is held to give the community a way to pay homage to those lost and to allow emergency service members a bridge to our loses that day and a way to show "We Have Not and Will Not Forget".




"5 Years ago, when we began this tribute 9/11 was slowly becoming just another day as many had begun to put this day on the shelf of memories, we wanted to change that...we wanted to do our part to ensure the 2,977 wouldn’t be forgotten" - Tian Griffieth




5th Annual 9/11 Silent Walk Planning Committee


Penny Rooney - 9/11 Silent Walk Staff


Tiffany Wright - 9/11 Silent Walk Staff


Kryssy Andrass - 9/11 Silent Walk Staff


Archie Burkel - The Hat Ladies


Firefighter/EMT Colt Roy - Joint Base Charleston Fire Department


Battalion Chief Marques Bush - St. Andrews Fire Department


Police Officer Harry Sosa - Charleston Police Department


Sgt. Trevor Shelor - Charleston Police Department


Todd Musselman - American Red Cross


Asst. Fire Chief Joseph Roberts - Charleston Fire Department


Firefighter/Paramedic - Trae Wright - Colleton County Fire Rescue


Asst. Fire Chief Shaun Gadsden - Dorchester County Fire Rescue




***North Charleston Fire Department, Charleston Fire Department, Charleston Police Department, Mt. Pleasant Fire Department, Mt. Pleasant Police Department, and St. Andrews Fire Department Provide resources each year to make event possible.




"Thank You For Joining Us on 9/11 as we Honor the Memory of 343 FDNY Brothers, 71 Law Enforcement Officers, and 2,563 of innocent victims that were lost on September 11th, 2001, the attacks on that day forever changed America, but also reshaped the world we know globally, a tragedy and loss of this magnitude with a total loss of life of 2,977 people is still and will always remain unimaginable, the loss of a single family member sends a shock wave through our families and we often miss them long after they are gone. On 9/11 in Charleston, SC we honor the memory of all lost on that day and the countless still affected to this very day by cancer deaths as a result of working at the Trade Center in efforts to rescue victims in the days following the attack. The 343 FDNY Brother lost will be represented by members participating in full structural firefighting gear and the 71 Law Enforcement Officers will be represented fellow Law Enforcement members walking on their behalf and the 2,563 civilians will be represented by members of the community each wearing a white ribbon with every step taken on our journey in honor of  all we lost then and those we continue to lose each day".




"Never Forgetting Means Never Forgetting" - Chief Rick Lasky 







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