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Thomas "TJ" Loftin




Thomas “TJ” Loftin  



Global Business Leader and  Industrialist, Thomas “TJ” Loftin  revolutionized the Low Riding auto industry with nearly three decades of business  innovation as  the CEO of three multi-million dollar companies.  Loftin founded three successful global businesses, including Express Gold Plating, Compton Wire Wheels and Molded Suspension. Thomas was a manufacturer, distributor and exclusive dealer of dozens of auto parts and accessories.  His ingenuity birthed over 100 stores globally, of which he supplied products and paraphernalia.   He then franchised his business Express Gold Plating and played a pivotal role in creating a new multibillion dollar industry during that time.  As a result, he was able to spin off other businesses such as an auto body shop, business consulting, real estate and mortgage company, clothing company, a tow truck company, a barbershop and a beauty salon to name a few.  His classic cars led him into the film industry as his cars were featured in music videos, movies and television shows. He was recently invited to be on set of NWA’s reunion movie, Straight Outta Compton and Driving While Black. Loftin has been featured in countless  low rider and classic car magazines highlighting his industry genius. Today Loftin still manufactures and ships auto parts around the world and now has a production company called LOF10 Productions.  Through his production company, Loftin  travels across the country giving workshops, Business Boot Camps, lectures, and   providing business coaching and consultations Loftin also develops educational programs for youth, by planting the seeds of entrepreneurship. Loftin is dedicated to educating the masses and building business owners, not employees. 


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