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Theresa Thompson, PSc.D


Hello, I am Dr. Theresa Thompson, PSc.D and I have worked with hundreds of clients with all sorts of symptoms and conditions for over 18 years both locally here in Wyoming as well as across the country. 


Most doctors today treat thyroid, diabetes, hormone, and many other conditions all the same way…they run a couple of tests and tell you that you are “NORMAL” and that nothing is wrong with you…or they tell you that you have a disease and then give you drugs to help control your symptoms, which I like to call the “Band-Aid Approach”. 


In my office, we do things differently, I look for the reason WHY you have your condition in the first place.  This involves getting to the root cause of the condition by doing the right testing.  If you don’t know what is really going on inside your body, then you will never truely get well. 


The best way to get more information about my services and how you gain freedom from the health challenges you and your family are facing is to attend one of my upcoming seminars to learn more about my natural and unique approach to all types of symptoms…without the use of harmful drugs and medications.
















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