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Learn. Experience. Grow.

TheBizDen is an organization dedicated to bringing together students and business professionals via podcast shows and events covering all aspects of business, TheBizDen has become a venue for students to find valuable resources, tips and networking opportunities to assist with their career development. As a result of networking and gaining real world experience, students are able to find their true passions when seeking out their career.


Looking for important skills in developing your own venture? or learning more about your field of interest? Join us at TheBizDen!


Participating in TheBizDen business podcast show, business summits, conferences or speaker series allows you to experience what it is like running a venture and being within the business world. Ask our guests as many questions as you would like!


Developing your skills for the business world will not only allow you to grow as a business leader but also allow you to be far ahead of several other individuals with little to no experience. Networking, building relationships and getting to know first hand what it is like running a company is a valuable experience. How do business leaders run their companies? their departments? How did they get there in the first place?

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email Arjun at: a[@] (even a “hi” does it!).

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