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Theatre 'd Art

THEATREdART is dedicated to enriching the arts community in Southern Colorado by staging bold and challenging plays that would otherwise not be seen locally.  Furthermore, THEATREdART believes theatre to be a vital and relevant part of the cultural landscape of our region and works diligently to bring a new audience to this vibrant and engaging art form; challenging preconceived notions of what theatre is and can be.  THEATREdART values diversity in art and all other forms of expression and does not discriminate based on sex, race, age, creed, religion, or sexual-orientation. We continually strive to improve ourselves and the artistic environment of Southern Colorado and will continue to produce theatre that is engaging to us and our audience.”


THEATREdART was founded in 2003 by Brian Mann and Jonathan Margheim with the intent to provide Colorado Springs with bold and engaging productions you can’t see anywhere else. THEATREdART specializes in absurdist, surrealist, and avant-garde theatre and continually works to challenge its audience’s notions of what theatre is, and what theatre can be. THEATREdART works to bring new and original plays to the stage as well as featuring contemporary playwrights worldwide.

THEATREdART’s goal is to perform plays that challenge an audience, bringing to light controversial and complex social issues. War, politics, human relationships—nothing is off-limits for THEATREdART. Todd Wallinger of the Colorado Springs Gazette has called THEATREdART productions “some of the most provocative works ever produced in this city” with “staggering ambition and depth.”

THEATREdART was pronounced “Best New Theatre Company” by the Colorado Springs Independent in 2008. Theatre ‘d Art also won the Colorado Springs Independent’s award for “Best Use of an Overweight Guy on a Toilet” in 2008 for Jon Margheim’s “Ubu.”


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