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The Yoga Trail

The Yoga Trail is a group focused on Yoga outdooor and traveling. It was created in 2011 to help yogis finding ways to travel and practice Yoga regularly, reconnecting to Nature. Its founder Silvia Neri often travels offering Yoga classes, workshops and retreats around the world tracing her Yoga trail, from Central Park to Amsterdam

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"Silvia, thank you for the fun yoga in central park. You helped to make our NY experience fabulous!!!  Thank you" Robin B, NYC

"I was searching online for outdoor yoga for my trip to NYC and found the Yoga trail, I'm so happy that I signed up! Silvia is a great and inspiring person and runs the class very well. You can hire a mat for a few dollars as I was travelling and did not bring one. Also convenient that there were bathrooms nearby. It was a beautiful day, and than starting your day with yoga under a tree in the middle of Central Park with stunning city views: how much better can your holiday be! Vibrant and dynamic New York is great to combine wit a little Zen and 'You' moment! Next time when I'm in the city I'm definitely going to join again." Eveline, NYC

"Central Park is one of New York's icons and how special if you can do a yoga class on it's green grass. Silvia is an inspiring yoga teacher and get's you in the (Vinyasa) flow easily." Robbert Z, NYC

Dear Silvia, I'd like to thank you for the amazing yoga class yesterday, situated at the boat and the pier. I won't forget this ever, so beautiful! I think it's a beautiful thing you're doing, really inspiring! Keep on the good work! " Ottilia, Amsterdam

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