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The vision of The Worldwide Kingdom Ministry is to bring every type of soul into the Kingdom of God. To bring restoration of any aspect of bondage through the power of Jesus Christ.  To empower believers with the Word of God through the fire of the Holy Ghost.

Our mission is to light a fire all around the world.  To bring prophecy, healing, and deliverance to every soul.  To teach believers the way of the kingdom.  To preach unbelievers about repentance through the Word of God.

Personnel Plan
The cornerstone of the personnel plan is to maximize in membership and minimize the lost souls that are in the world.  To set them free from bondage in the hand of enemy.  As we grow, we expect to see the spiritual life of the members to grow as well.  For them to have a personal relationship with God.  The youth will no longer feel out of place because we welcome them as they are and allow the Holy Spirit to transform them inside- out. At our ministry everyone is welcome young or old their is a place for everyone.

Our goal is to have consistent members in the church by providing different program to them such as a prophetic training school, healing center, youth center, single mom ministry, and work for those that have criminal background and unable to find work.

The prophetic training school will enlighten individual about the spiritual realms, get a better understanding of how God operates spiritually, and being able to function spiritually as well as physical since we are a spiritual being as well.

The youth center is to eventually get the youth of the street and get them to have an understanding of who they truly are in Christ

The healing center will be there to pray for those that are in needs of prayer throughout the day.  A staff will be available to pray and assist individual on as needed basis.

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